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Hi, My name is Hayden Church.

When I started in business, my goal was to offer a professional, confidential and personal approach to process service and investigations. After almost ten years that hasn't changed.

Our in-house team of specialists can assist you with all aspects of your investigative needs worldwide.

Our philosophy is to stand behind our customers 100%! No information about any customer is EVER disclosed, we stand behind services and the information we deliver.

For almost 10 years the agents at Track’um have gained many hours experience working defense investigations including homicide, rape, kidnapping, robbery and drug cases. They have been very successful in getting FACTS that commonly have been overlooked by law enforcement. Our motto is “persistance pays benefits”

We use the latest technology in GPS and covert video devices.

I retired as Day shift watch commander from Wilkes Co. Sheriff’s Office in 1997 and had been in some aspect of law enforcement for the past twenty years.

I have very positive relations with law enforcement in all northwest North Carolina and am regularly involved with them.

For a brief period after retirement I was a Locate Investigator for a large National Child Support Company.

As you can palinly see, we've got the experice. Why not put our expertise to work for you today? Let Track 'UM Investigations do the work for you and simplify your your life! eMail Hayden@carolina-pi.com for an appointment today. You'll be glad you did.

Associate: Regenia Ham
P.O. Box 733
W. Jefferson, NC 28694

Eight years experience as a criminal defense paralegal including trial preparation on the following type cases: death penalty, homicide, rape, kidnapping, habitual felon, arson, drug, embezzlement, crimes against nature, sexual offenses, identity fraud, possession of firearms, uttering and forgery, alcohol, breaking and entering, larceny, trespassing, assault, and various other felony, misdemeanor and traffic offenses.

 Specializing in criminal and civil trial preparation:

*Identifying, locating and interviewing witnesses;

*Crime scene investigation, photography and diagramming;

*Jury research and selection;

*Analyzing discovery and follow-up investigation

*Collecting and preserving physical evidence

*Preparation of time lines;

*Court document and record searches;

*Background searches;

*Identifying and developing sentencing evidence

*Developing trial exhibits.

Available in northwest North Carolina, northeast Tennessee and southwest Virginia for all services offered on this website. 



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