Welcome to the Real World of a
Private Investigator

The streetlight blinks, illuminating the small office through the frosted glass. He lights another cigarette and watches the rain fall through the blue haze.

Discarded coffee cups abound with and overflowing ashtrays. Visitors to the office are few and far between. Only the desperate - those in need of his particular services will seek him out. And the only clue to the work carried out here is the faded lettering on the glass door: Private Eye.

This is the image most people have of the private investigator. In reality of life as a modern investigator is far removed from the pages of crime novels or detective television shows.

Today's professional investigator is anything but seedy. The investigator today will wear out his keyboard faster than his shoes. While surveillance is still necessary in many cases such as worker's compensation or domestic investigations or even process service; the name of the game today is information. 

Background checks, premarital investigations, and especially skip tracing and missing persons can often be accomplished online. The importance is in knowing what to find where, and a knowledge of the laws.

Contrary to what the "spam emails" would have you believe, it takes a professional to obtain this information in most cases.

This is where Track 'Um Investigations comes in. When you want 'em found - Call the hound!


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