Services Offered

While we don't pretend to be experts at everything under the sun, we do have extensive contacts in the area and can contract all of the services below for you. In short, if we can't do it, we can get it done for you. One phone call handles it all.

Special Investigations Undercover Investigations
Background Checks
Missing Persons / Skip Tracing 
Professional Witness
Repossession Services
Employment Verification 
Insurance Fraud 
Drug Use Investigations
Theft Investigations
Fidelity Investigations
Accident Investigations 
Asset Searches 
Significant Other Investigations 
Undercover Investigations
Sting Investigations 
Process Service Shopper Services
Civil Process Services
Orders of Protection 
Court Filings 
Court Research 
UCC Searches and More
Notary Services
Exterior / Overall Appearance 
Room / Housekeeping Appearance 
Personnel Appearance & Attitude 
Employee Performance 
Service / Product Quality 
Exterior / Overall Appearance 
Interior / Overall Appearance 
Department Personnel Availability 
Employee Honesty Checks
Collections Personal Protection
Judgement Recovery
Executive Protection
Bodyguard Services
Home Security Checks Consulting Services
Physical Property Inspections
Contract For Pet Care
Contract For Lawn Maintenance 
Contract For Repair Services
Workman Inspections
Reports By Phone/FAX/Mail/eMail
Loss Prevention 
Security Analysis
Drug Testing 
Risk Management 
Security Awareness 
Training Programs


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